Smart Bath & Toothbrush Tracker - Personal Care Cub
Smart Bath & Toothbrush Tracker - Personal Care Cub

Smart Bath & Toothbrush Tracker - Personal Care Cub

Place where it happens, press when it happens!

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The Personal Care Cub helps you with keeping track of your baby's bath and toothbrush events with a simple push of a button. Our favorite location to place the Personal Care Cub for easy access is the bathroom.

Cubtale Mobile App presents your logs in formats and reports that can be easily shared with pediatricians, helping you feel more in control. You can also continue logging from the app when you're away from your Cub.

Finally, we understand care tracking needs change over time. Our patent-pending Cubs have replaceable pads, so that when you are done tracking an activity, you can insert a new pad and voila! your Cub can now track something else. 

Don't take our word for it


Cubtale truly made my first baby experience smooth and easy. Being a first time mom is hard enough so Cubtale really served as a helping hand and made me understand my baby and her needs/routines much better. Truly recommend it!

Julie K.

Los Angeles, CA


Love this app! Easy to use, interface is perfect. Also wonderful summaries for the log. I’m a physician and I wanted to limit how much my phone is around my child, so the cubs are extremely useful! Love the easy logging.

Puja R.

Rochester, NY


Simple and intuitive, three buttons with minimal menus. So easy anyone could learn to use it in a minute or two.

Noel P.

Lombard, IL


As a first time dad, Cubtale has been my go to app for guidance on what to expect on his development and understand the changes that he is going through. I love using the cubs to track the feeding times and diaper changes. With the cubs, I never forget and always record the exact time

Mose I.

New York, NY