The Bottle Cub by CubtaleThe Bottle Cub by Cubtale

World's smartest buttons
to track your baby's care

Our patent-pending palm-sized Cubs are designed for convenience. Keep track of your baby's feeds, sleep, diapers and more by placing a Cub right next to the activity and pressing the button to log the event. Cubtale app gives updates to parents that are away and builds custom reports for pediatricians and consultants.

Cubtale Baby Tracker App Testimonials


Love the app! I've been using the breastfeed tracker since my baby is born and I LOVE IT! I can change between left and right breast easily and the I can see both times separately and the total time which makes tracking details so much as and as a BONUS I can see detailed information about feed sessions and times in graphic format which helps me a lot, especially when I'm consulting with my pediatrician


I was looking for an app to log my baby's feed, sleep and diaper sessions. This app is excellent! I can add my husband to track with me, and I can setup reminders. I think they are also making buttons to log care, can't wait to use them!


I have tried several other apps and this has proven to be the most convenient and easiest to use. I love the interface


Among many baby tracking apps, this one is the most user friendly! With all the rush and baby hustle, it literally takes no time to input your data and follow it harmoniously

May S.

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Place where it happens, press when it happens

Never miss to log an activity. Compact size cubs can be placed wherever is convenient

Diaper Cub

Placed next to the diaper changing station

Pump Cub

Placed on the refrigerator

Sleep Cub

Next to the baby's crib

Vitamin & Medicine Cub

Placed next to vitamins

Cubtale makes care transparent, and coordination simple.
Ergonomic and safe breastfeeding

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends infants to be fed breast milk exclusively for the first 6 months after birth.

Mobile apps help you keep track of sessions, however parents are rightly concerned about radiation effects on newborns.

Cubtale technology significantly reduces radiation when compared to mobile phones.

Care data made useful

Reports guided by WHO, designed for you and your doctors, to plan for a healthy growth.

Check daily totals and averages, weight/height/head circumference percentiles and routines directly from the app.

It Takes a Village

baby care requires coordination and convenience, we are here to make it easier ♡