Reinventing care, one Cub at a time.

Compact sized smart devices designed to keep a record of your baby's routine care activities.

Nothing can replace someone being on your side, but we are the next best thing: Meet the "Cubs"!

The Cubs

Smart loggers designed to meet you where you are at! Place them to spots where care happens, and simply press the button to log your activities.

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CubPads allow you to customize your Cubs. You can replace your CubPad with a new one, and voila! your Cub now starts tracking the new activity.

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Milk Inventory

You will never have to worry about using expired milk again. Cubtale will tell you which one to use first.

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Cubtale Mobile App

Easily track activities and sync across all caregivers. Unlock premium benefits for personalized features, graphics-based insights, customized schedules and more!

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Don't take our word for it


Cubtale truly made my first baby experience smooth and easy. Being a first time mom is hard enough so Cubtale really served as a helping hand and made me understand my baby and her needs/routines much better. Truly recommend it!

Julie K.

Los Angeles, CA


Love this app! Easy to use, interface is perfect. Also wonderful summaries for the log. I’m a physician and I wanted to limit how much my phone is around my child, so the cubs are extremely useful! Love the easy logging. 

Puja R.

Rochester, NY


Simple and intuitive, three buttons with minimal menus. So easy anyone could learn to use it in a minute or two.

Noel P.

Lombard, IL


As a first time dad, Cubtale has been my go to app for guidance on what to expect on his development and understand the changes that he is going through. I love using the cubs to track the feeding times and diaper changes. With the cubs, I never forget and always record the exact time

Mose I.

New York, NY


When we first came back from the hospital with our newborn, my husband and I were both in such a haze. Luckily we had the help of the night doula, but this presented the challenge of making sure we are keeping the log of diapers and feeds across multiple people. The whole thing seemed so stressful at the time, and we are so so happy we had the cubs and were able to install them on baby's first day home. Sure enough our Pediatrician and lactation consultant kept asking us for data on our son's diapers and number of feeds / ounces consumed - if not for the cubs, I cannot even imagine how we would answer those! 


The Cubs were great to track feedings, diapers and naps for our newborn twins. It made it super easy to track in the middle of the night and by multiple caretakers and we were able to look back when we didn't know which baby had last fed and to keep track of diapers and naps for each baby individually. Highly recommend for new parents, especially twin parents - reduces the mental load by having all the information readily available in the app so you can focus on enjoying cuddles with your baby. 


Cubtale has been a game-changer for tracking our little one’s activities. The app itself is intuitive and user-friendly. The cubs are super convenient, especially the one for tracking diapers when you have your hands full, and the one for feeding when you don’t want a phone screen glowing in baby’s face at night. We love that anyone helping us care for our baby can easily log information that’s available for both parents no matter where we might be. Having that data at our fingertips helps us figure out why she might be crying, and it helps us identify patterns or concerns to share with our pediatrician.