Our Story

Newborn parents know that putting a baby to bed too late or too early is a good enough reason for a loud cry. Or missing that medicine can quickly make that parent feel out of control. Becoming a second time parent, I just couldn't believe that I was experiencing the same problems, again

I had a day job and I wanted to know how my baby was cared for while I was away so I could take over when I am back home. At the same time, I didn't want to burden my husband or the grandparents by asking them to message me or log into an app each time there was a care activity that included routine care such as feeds, medicine, diapers or sleep. There had to be a simple way to manage care.

We designed Cubtale so that they are informative, easy to use and are integrated to the daily care routines. Unlike phones, Cubs do not expose infants to unnecessary radio-frequency radiation and more importantly they do not cause distraction.