Journey to Parenthood

Finding Peace of Mind as a Working Parent

A working parent’s job never ends. When you come home from work, it’s "family" time, which basically means "make it up to your little one" for the times you missed during the day at work. You can hear so many parents saying, "I feel like I’m missing so many milestones", or "I feel I have no control of my baby’s daily activities". Probably one of the biggest challenges of being a working parent is the constant feeling of "guilt" that accompanies you most of the time.

But Here It Is: The Mediator of Work-Family Balance... 

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Myth or Fact: Weight Loss While Breastfeeding
Besides the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding both for your and your baby, there is evidence that suggests its positive effects on postpartum weight loss. While breastfeeding, your body needs more calories and your diet is very important to supply your baby the necessary amount of milk. You should be consuming vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains and protein and fiber rich food on a regular basis. Additionally, you need to keep your body hydrated since breastfeeding causes your body to lose more fluids. This type of a diet is not only good for your milk supply, it will also help you to stay healthier.
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Adjusting to Life as a "New Parent"
As a new parent, it might be difficult to see the cup half full. Juggling through home/work related tasks and trying to keep in track are certainly challenging. The person in the mirror may seem disorganized and falling behind, but those tired eyes are yet to reveal the truth…
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5 Tips to Guide You Through the 4th Trimester
Fourth trimester is not only a relevant term for your baby’s first three months but also a pretty big thing for you as a new mom. Your baby still perceives themself as a part of you and has a constant need of being close to you and feeling your warmth. When your baby is trying to adapt to the new world; your body is going through an immense reformation and adaptation as well. It is challenging both for you and your little one.
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