Introducing the First Baby Care Tracking Solution for Daycares!

Sending kids to daycare is an incredible service, parents get some break time while children expedite learning by watching their peers. With are so many emotions tied to separating from the little ones, parents love remaining connected and getting updates from their children while kids are away.

How many times did you wonder "What time did the baby take a nap?", "How much did she eat?", "When was the last time she had a poo?". Busy teachers at school are struggling to communicate care events back to parents and are stuck using paper sheets to track while parents are left in the dark. 

Simple, modular, one-press care logging for daycares is here!


Cub2+, is a modular and super simple system of buttons that help caregivers log care events. Each button is assigned to a child and care activity such as sleep, diaper, bottle and medicine. Caregivers can choose the activities that they would like to track. The screen allows caregivers to see how long ago the last event happened, confirm event durations and feed amounts prior to logging. Each event is communicated to parents through Cubtale App notifications, giving them the peace of mind they deserve!
Cub2+ connects to WiFi and runs both on battery and wall plugs. 

Now, the best part!!!

Cub2+ is FREE for daycares for a limited time. No subscription, no hardware fees. Contact us at today and take advantage of this incredible offer! 


The offer is only valid for daycares. Please do not reach out if you do not operate or work for a daycare.