Adjusting to Life as a "New Parent"

Adjusting to Life as a

You are perfect with your imperfections!


As a new parent, it might be difficult to see the cup half full. Juggling through home/work related tasks and trying to keep in track are certainly challenging. The person in the mirror may seem disorganized and falling behind, but those tired eyes are yet to reveal the truth… You are perfect as it is.

The most important part of the puzzle: YOU & YOUR BABY

You invest a lot of your time into your little one’s care, with only a little to spare for yourself. But surprise! that mountain of tasks are just waiting around the corner :) Although it can be suffocating just to think about them, keep in mind that nobody expects you to do the heavy lifting ALONE. You and your baby are the most important part of the puzzle, the rest can be rearranged according to priority. It is OKAY to be in disarray, it is OKAY not to be perfectly organised! Give yourself a break, you deserve it more than anything.

Do not underestimate the importance of support

Reach out to your loved ones and close colleagues, they will be there for you. A helping hand can do a lot for the chores, giving you a much needed break for some focused work hours. Share your workload with your colleagues without overburdening them, this will give you time for some heartwarming cuddles with your little one. 

Just remind yourself: you are perfect with your imperfections!

Your life has changed in so many ways and it is only fair that how and when you complete your tasks will go through some changes as well. Eventually you will have the time and energy to tackle everything, just be patient. Now is the time to be with your little one as much as you can and to enjoy every moment of being a parent.


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