CubtAI Disclaimer and Supplemental Privacy Notice

Please read the following disclaimer and privacy notice carefully before using CubtAI (“we”, “our”, or “us”). You confirm that you have read and agree to this disclaimer and privacy notice, as well as our Privacy Policy  and Terms & Conditions, by participating in the use of CubtAI on the Cubtale App, by submitting content and personal information to CubtAI. Please do not use CubtAI in case that you do not agree to this disclaimer and privacy notice.

CubtAI uses machine learning and artificial intelligence services provided by OpenAI, LLC. Responses you get from such systems have the potential to be incomplete, inaccurate or even incorrect, due to the probabilistic nature of the underlying technologies.

CubtAI responses are intended for general informational purposes exclusively, do not take into account your medical history, and should not be construed or interpreted as medical advice/professional advice, diagnosis or treatment. CubtAI does not guarantee accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the provided information. Please note that, it is essential not to postpone or ignore contacting your physician based on CubtAI responses. We strongly recommend that you consult your physician for any medical advice. 

Please note that all the information (personal information, communication, etc.) you provide to CubtAI will be transmitted to OpenAI to provide you with our services. Both CubtAI and OpenAI may collect, record, transmit, use, process and disclose all that information required by and shared with OpenAI.