Pump CubPad
Pump CubPad

Pump CubPad

Place where it happens, press when it happens!

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Ready to start tracking pumped milk amounts? Place a Pump CubPad on your Cub, and start tracking pumped milk amounts and side!

How Cubs Work

Rated 4.9 Stars by 1000+ Parents!

Convenience that comes with having loggers on-the-spot: You don’t need to worry about having your phone with you while you are with your baby. If you have a newborn, you are sleep deprived and logging 15-20 events a day certainly becomes a chore after a while. Cubs are designed to be placed where care happens so logging is simpler and more accurate during these busy days.

The luxury of coordinating multiple caregivers: It’s perfect for families with multiple caregivers, nannies and grandparents. Your entire family can help you without needing to pull out a phone. We consistently hear that caregivers love the buttons because they are so simple to use and keep everyone in sync.

Ability to accurately track care (milk amounts, breast sides): How much milk the baby had, how much milk mom pumped, which breast the mom fed from in their last session are some of the biggest questions new parents ask during the first 2 years of a baby’s life. Cubs allow you to enter amounts, keep track of sides as well as milk type so you have one less question in your care management journey.

Quick answers to how long ago questions: As parents, we often think about how long ago the last care event happened while we are in the moment of giving care. Think about diaper changes. You open the diaper, see a pee and think about the last time baby pooped. Cubs allow you to quickly check the time since the last activity giving you peace of mind. This feature also comes in handy, when your partner already gave the vitamin and you are not sure if you are double dosing or you can’t remember how long ago your baby went to sleep. 

Real-time updates when you are away from the house: Cubs are excellent for working parents who want to stay connected to their child’s daily updates while away from home. A button press on the Cub sends notifications to your phone letting you know your baby finished 7 oz of milk, went to sleep on time and had her daily vitamin/medicine dose.

Peace of mind knowing  there is no consistent harmful radiation exposure: Cubs are safer compared to mobile phones due to significantly lower radiation exposure. Cubs do not have an active WiFi signal and unlike phones, they do not act as a router. Cubs activate WiFi only for a couple seconds while transmitting data, making it significantly safer than phones if you are concerned with radiation.

Place where it happens, press when it happens

Never miss to log an activity. Compact size cubs can be placed wherever is convenient with the velcros that come in the box!

Diaper Cub

Placed next to the diaper changing station

Pump Cub

Placed on the refrigerator

Sleep Cub

Next to baby's crib

Meds & Supps Cub

Placed next to vitamins

Bringing you Peace of Mind

Parents that LOVE the Cubs!

"So glad that I have cubtale. I've been able to easily identify Kalib's sleep patterns so that I know what the optimal time is to put him down."

Vanessa - NY

"If you are like me, and have a hard time remembering when you last pumped, or how long the baby just napped, you need these handy Cubs in your life. Absolutely recommend this to all new mamas! Cubtale will make your postpartum so much easier!"

Alena - Greenville, SC

"I put our sleep cub on the outside of the bedroom door so that if I forget to start it (which I often do) I can run right over to it and hit start without waking the baby."

Nicole - NY

More parents that love the Cubs!


Cubtale truly made my first baby experience smooth and easy. Being a first time mom is hard enough so Cubtale really served as a helping hand and made me understand my baby and her needs/routines much better. Truly recommend it!

Julie K.

Los Angeles, CA


Love this app! Easy to use, interface is perfect. Also wonderful summaries for the log. I’m a physician and I wanted to limit how much my phone is around my child, so the cubs are extremely useful! Love the easy logging.

Puja R.

Rochester, NY


Simple and intuitive, three buttons with minimal menus. So easy anyone could learn to use it in a minute or two.

Noel P.

Lombard, IL


As a first time dad, Cubtale has been my go to app for guidance on what to expect on his development and understand the changes that he is going through. I love using the cubs to track the feeding times and diaper changes. With the cubs, I never forget and always record the exact time

Mose I.

New York, NY


When we first came back from the hospital with our newborn, my husband and I were both in such a haze. Luckily we had the help of the night doula, but this presented the challenge of making sure we are keeping the log of diapers and feeds across multiple people. The whole thing seemed so stressful at the time, and we are so so happy we had the cubs and were able to install them on baby's first day home. Sure enough our Pediatrician and lactation consultant kept asking us for data on our son's diapers and number of feeds / ounces consumed - if not for the cubs, I cannot even imagine how we would answer those! 


The Cubs were great to track feedings, diapers and naps for our newborn twins. It made it super easy to track in the middle of the night and by multiple caretakers and we were able to look back when we didn't know which baby had last fed and to keep track of diapers and naps for each baby individually. Highly recommend for new parents, especially twin parents - reduces the mental load by having all the information readily available in the app so you can focus on enjoying cuddles with your baby. 


Cubtale has been a game-changer for tracking our little one’s activities. The app itself is intuitive and user-friendly. The cubs are super convenient, especially the one for tracking diapers when you have your hands full, and the one for feeding when you don’t want a phone screen glowing in baby’s face at night. We love that anyone helping us care for our baby can easily log information that’s available for both parents no matter where we might be. Having that data at our fingertips helps us figure out why she might be crying, and it helps us identify patterns or concerns to share with our pediatrician. 


The app is fun and easy to use and the Cub is customizable for multiple purposes. I love how easy it is to record that I have taken a medication, 2 clicks and done!


Los Angeles, CA


Love being able to track breastfeeding easily and quickly with one hand - especially at night i can track in the dark and get back to sleep.


Los Angeles, CA