Beyond Bibs and Burp Cloths: Lift up Your Baby Shower with Hilarious Games!

Beyond Bibs and Burp Cloths: Lift up Your Baby Shower with Hilarious Games!

Baby showers – a time of joy, gifts, and those classic games that might have seen a bit too much use. Fear not, parents-to-be and party planners! We're here to shake things up with a fresh set of baby shower games that will have your guests laughing until their cheeks ache.

  1. Guess the Baby Puree!

This unique and tasty twist on traditional baby shower games involves blindfolded participants bravely tasting various baby food purees and attempting to identify the flavors. From the classic sweetness of applesauce to the savory notes of sweet potato or pea puree, the guessing game promises laughs and surprises. 

  1. Guess the Poop (Don't Worry, It's Candy!)

Prepare for both shock and delight with this game. Melt different chocolates on diapers and challenge guests to guess the candy bar. Points for creativity, bonus points for the most dramatic "Ew!" A game that proves not all surprises at a baby shower come in gift wrap.

  1. Baby Photo Bingo

Move over, traditional bingo. Collect pre-baby photos of the parents-to-be, create bingo cards with quirky clues, and let the laughter begin. "Big-toothed grin," "Wearing a questionable outfit," or "Sporting an epic hairdo" – mark off the squares as photos are revealed. Bingo winners get a prize that's not another bib!

  1. Emoji Pictionary

Bring out the digital expressions for this team-based game. Assign each team a baby-related emoji word or phrase, like "diaper explosion" or "sleepless night." Using only emojis, players act out their words for their team to guess. Cue hilarious misinterpretations, spontaneous dance moves, and plenty of laughter.

  1. Build a Crib (With Marshmallows!)

Get ready for a sweet challenge! Armed with toothpicks and marshmallows, teams race against the clock to construct the most impressive (and structurally sound) marshmallow crib. Bonus points for edible crib sheets and miniature marshmallow mobiles. Because who says cribs can't be delicious?

Remember, the key to great baby shower games is keeping them lighthearted, inclusive, and, above all, fun! Tailor these ideas to your shower's theme, the interests of your guests, and don't be afraid to get a little silly. After all, laughter is the best gift you can give – besides the actual baby gifts, of course.

Happy showering!

P.S. Capture the fun! Document the surprised faces, the epic emoji charades, and the marshmallow crib masterpieces. These photos will be gold for a post-shower laugh.