Journey to Parenthood

5 Tips to Guide You Through the 4th Trimester
Fourth trimester is not only a relevant term for your baby’s first three months but also a pretty big thing for you as a new mom. Your baby still perceives themself as a part of you and has a constant need of being close to you and feeling your warmth. When your baby is trying to adapt to the new world; your body is going through an immense reformation and adaptation as well. It is challenging both for you and your little one.
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Postpartum Anxiety: Symptoms, Identification, & Treatment

Postpartum anxiety (PPA) is more intense and persistent compared to new parent worry, and often the worry is not based on a real problem or threat. Postpartum Anxiety differs from Postpartum depression (PPD) because PPD includes being constantly sad accompanied by a loss of interest. Baby blues on the other hand is less severe than PPD and only lasts a few days.

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