Your Baby’s Journey

What Can My Baby Hear?

Hearing plays a major role in children’s cognitive development, language acquisition, communication skills and learning. Babies start hearing in the womb; first they distinguish the low frequency sounds, such as mother’s heartbeat, or the air floating in mom’s lungs. Later on during pregnancy, they start recognizing mother’s voice and even respond to it. Their ears are fully developed at 35 weeks, and they can hear pretty well at birth, especially high-pitched sounds. Talking, singing, and reading to, and babbling with your baby stimulate their brain, enhance language development, and improve your bonding. 

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Object Permanence: The Importance of "Peek-A-Boo" in Baby Development

“Object permanence” is the understanding that objects and people continue to exist when they are out of sight. This new skill plays a vital role in memory development and language acquisition as well as enhancing pretend play and exploration. Recent research suggest that babies begin to show an understanding of object permanence between 4 and 7 months of age. Separation anxiety occurs as a result of this newly acquired skill which causes your little one to feel upset when they cannot see you although knowing that you are still somewhere out there. 



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