Smart Milk Bag Labels

Ensuring Your Baby Always Gets the Freshest Milk!

Cubtale ​Smart Milk Bag Labels are sleek, adhesive labels designed to be affixed to milk storage bags. Each label is printed with a unique consecutive number for easy identification. The design features a clear, easy-to-read format with a QR code prominently displayed, which can be scanned with a smartphone to quickly access detailed information about the specific milk bag.



Tracking and Organization

Eliminate confusion by providing a clear, numbered system for identifying and tracking milk bags, making sure that the oldest milk is used first.

Expiration Alerts

Expiration alerts in Cubtale app are based on CDC guidelines. They help prevent the use of expired milk, ensuring that babies always receive safe and nutritious milk.

Milk Bag Recommendations 

Figuring out which milk bag to use may get difficult at times. Cubtale helps you with the right milk bag combinations for the next feed. 

Extra Caregivers? No App Needed

Your nanny or daycare doesn't need to have Cubtale app downloaded for this to work. They can simply scan the QR, and get access to the exact same information stored in the app. Including; Milk Warming Guidelines, Which Milk Bag to Use and Milk Content.

Milk Inventory Tracking

Milk stored in the fridge expires sooner than milk in the freezer. Cubtale calculates expiration dates based on storage location, letting you see your total milk supply and plan your pumping routines effectively.

Fully Integrated Across Bottle & Pump Cubs

Data from Bottle or Pump Cubs in the Cubtale App automatically updates your milk inventory, eliminating the need for manual entry. When the baby consumes a bottle, Cubtale deducts it from the inventory. When mom logs a pumping session, the milk is added to the inventory. This optional feature simplifies the entire tracking process!